Application Form

  1. I confirm that the information included in the Membership Form is true and accurate. I understand that I have to inform the Ladies Running Club (‘the Club’) when changes to this information occur.
  2. I declare that I will abide to the Malta Amateur Athletics Association (M.A.A.A.) regulations and the Club’s rules.
  3. I confirm that I have sought medical advice from my General Practitioner before joining the Club. In no way I can hold the Club responsible for any injuries that I may suffer.
  4. In terms of the Data Protection Act 2001 (‘the Act’), I hereby give my consent to the Ladies Running Club (‘the Club’) to process and record personal information, including sensitive data as stated in the Act.I understand that:
    • My consent is required in order for the Club to register my membership and provide me with other information and services from time to time.
    • In certain instances, the Club may share my data with selected third parties, such as but not limited to, coaches and sponsors. The club will inform me in writing (electronic means included) before sharing any personal sensitive information.
    • Only committee members will have access to my data.
    • I may receive notifications, notices and newsletters relating to the services offered by the Club by mail, phone, fax or other electronic means.
    • As a data subject in terms of the Act, I have a right to request the Club for my personal data held by the Club. Such request will be made in writing and addressed to the ‘Data Controller’ Ladies Running Club c/o ‘St.Jude’ 76, Claire Engel Street, St.Julians STJ 1813.
    • Should I wish to terminate my membership, I have a right to request that my information be erased from the data held by the Club.
  5. I undertake to pay the annual membership fee of €30 at application stage and within three months from due date (i.e. 01 April) annually thereafter.

I would like to be registered with the Ladies’ Running Club.

By ticking the box below, I confirm that I have read, understood and will abide by the declarations above. I am also mailing my membership subscription cheque of €30.
(Cheques to be made payable to ‘Ladies’ Running Club’, c/o 466, St. Joseph High Road, Sta Venera)

Please note that failure to receive payment will make this agreement void.