Vodafone Malta Marathon 28th Feb 2016

Once again the main running event of the year Malta Marathon and Half Marathon was held at the end of February. Ladies Running Club members had been preparing for the event in many ways – with increasingly longer weekend club runs, supporting Cystic Fibrosis charity by organising bake sales or somewhat easier by carbo loading at a pre-race pasta meal in support of Hospice Malta. LRC also donated our club’s donation from our own race proceeds to Hospice.
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Pre-race jitters and excitement were mounting as usual and whether this was due to normal anticipation for the event, the dreadful weather forecast promising a gale force sandstorm for the race day, or the mother-load of sports gels being stocked by all and sundry…we’ll leave it up to imagination. Let’s just say speed of messages on the LRC chat were reaching fever pitch and few members fought down actual fever to make it to the starting line. Josette Portelli ”Good luck to all the ladies running tomorrow. Fingers crossed for all ladies hoping to be well by tomorrow. And dearest ladies who cannot be with us, we will miss you loads and will run this for you.”


To make the last minute necessary dashes before the actual race less dire and desperate, Claudine and Christine kindly offered welcome relief and shorter queues. Then it was as they say – Off to the races!

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Our brave full marathon participants started their race well before the half…

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Josette and Claudine blowing kisses to supporters….(no, not feeling sick…) Although truth be told, the conditions were extremely tough with force 7 winds blowing and anyone could understandably feel worse for wear.

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What really seems to set our ladies apart time and again in race pictures are the smiles that you see – whether aiming for PBs and/or pushing through gale force winds everyone looks like they run for fun!

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Like all things – even races (thankfully) come to an end and having reached the finish line it’s time to feel like a winner – having overcome all those miles not only today, but all those months of training for this moment! As Livia put it: ”I have never ever thought I’d run a marathon, but it turns out that my ability to not give up is stronger than myself – what a feeling!”



This year many of our ladies were unable to participate due to various injuries but instead they provided very vocal support to our runners at various stages of the course, sharing in the experience and runners receiving that extra push to keep going. The appreciation going both ways somehow beautifully epitomises the spirit of LRC and makes us all proud to be a member where support is always on offer.

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Once again huge Well Done to all you amazing ladies who took part today – you can feel rightly proud of your terrific achievement! Now it’s time to celebrate, rest and recover. While the soreness in your muscles fades, the feeling of accomplishment never will!

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