Annual General Meeting 2014

Ladies Running Club Annual General Meeting 2014

2014 Annual General Meeting The 2014 Annual General Meeting was held on 30th May 2014. Edwin Attard as the newly elected MAAA President joined the AGM to give his views on the general way forward for the MAAA.

In her address as President Deborah Gatt thanked the committee and LRC members for their contribution throughout the past year. Following the AGM 2013 decision to keep the club going it turned out to be a very eventful year with a record number of new members joining in over the months.

LRC 10K race was yet again a success with increased participation and emphasis on inclusion by adding a wheelchair racing category that included the first Maltese female among the competitors. This is one area that will be revisited by the newly appointed committee to organise this event in the best manner possible and will be exploring different options.

Another point raised by the President that elicited lively discussion from all members present was participation in MAAA races in view of gaining eligibility for full MAAA membership. Although the motto of LRC states ‘run for fun’, it was put forward that with a bit of communal spirit the remaining points needed could be achieved if the race calendar is forwarded as a reminder more frequently and members are encouraged to participate in the remaining track events in the spirit of fun and participation.

The Secretary Rebecca Gatt presented the list of activities and events for the past year. Several members had raced both in Malta and abroad for various charities and participation in Sunday long runs is regaining popularity. New club kit was made available and it seems to attract very positive notice and even new members. Instead of traditional Christmas meal the LRC 25th Anniversary Celebration was held on 7th March 2014. Back to Basics educational lectures were arranged to give further information on different aspects of running and physical wellbeing, and Nutritionist gave a lecture on carb loading prior to Malta Marathon.

In line with the club’s statute, this year saw Lisa Muscat and Astrid Fleri Soler step down from the committee. Minna Hayman submitted her nomination to join the club’s committee and her nomination together with Deborah Gatt’s re-election as President was unanimously approved by the members present. Stephanie Demarco and Rebecca Gatt maintained their presence on the committee.

Respective roles will be agreed during the first committee meeting following the AGM. Accounts for the year 2013/2014 prepared by Stephanie Demarco were read and approved.

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