Annual General Meeting 30th April 2015

The 2015 Annual General Meeting was held on 30th April 2015.

In her address as President Deborah Gatt stated it was the 27th AGM of the Club and 3rd chaired by her in her seven year’s of membership. A lot of things have changed over the years and she was happy to observe the Club motto ‘Run For Fun’ applies today as much as ever on all levels. LRC is attracting young new members and the regeneration has been taking place on other levels as well, such as the launch of a new website and rebranding of the Club image. LRC is well and thriving, having overcome the question of discontinuation that was in the air few years ago.

The President thanked the Committee and LRC members for their contribution throughout the past year. Full affiliation with Malta Amateur Athletics Association is perfectly achievable target this year. Weekend Club runs and additional weekday activities speak of a club that is alive and running. Deborah Gatt expressed a wish that more members would attend the AGM as a perfect chance to get together apart from running.

The Secretary Rebecca Gatt presented the list of activities and events for the past year. LRC Mdina Glass 10k race organisation was taken over this year by Malta Marathon, directed by Joe Micallef. Due to time constraints and sheer organisational work required it was decided to outsource the organisation while maintaining the spirit of the Ladies Running Club race. It will continue to include wheelchair athletes who wish to take part, and the race itself is now insured. Mdina Glass continued as the main sponsor, while Eurosport and Scotts Supermarket generously donated prices for category winners. There were 400 applicants registered to the race and new date on 11th October 2015 will hopefully attract even more participants.

Back to Basics educational lectures were arranged once more to give further information on different aspects of running and physical well being, and Nutritionist gave a lecture on race specific nutrition prior to Malta Marathon. Once again many members had raced both in Malta and abroad for various charities.

Another point raised by the Secretary was participation in the MAAA races and encouraged everyone to participate in the remaining track events in the spirit of fun and participation. Marshalling obligation needs to be arranged in a clear roster system which ensures no one member ends up bearing the burden alone. As the racing calendar is made available for the whole year in advance, one time marshalling duty should not be difficult for anyone to fulfil.

Accounts for the year 2014/2015 prepared by Treasurer Stephanie Demarco were read and approved.

In line with the club’s statute, this year saw Rebecca Gatt step down from the committee and seeking re-election, while Deborah Gatt and Stephanie Demarco stepped down after many years of service. Alexia Farrugia and Margaret Formosa submitted their nominations to join the club’s committee and their nominations together with Rebecca Gatt’s re-election were unanimously approved by the members present. Minna Hayman maintained her presence on the committee. Respective roles will be agreed during the first committee meeting following the AGM.

In her closing statement Deborah Gatt expressed her gratitude to Stephanie Demarco for teaching her everything about running a running club, and expressed that while it felt emotional, it was time to step down and get back to the actual running part of activities.

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