The Lisa Maria Memorial Dingli 10 miles – 2016

A sunny and slightly windy morning of 19th March, the feast for St. Joseph dawned on the group of excited – and slightly nervous LRC runners taking part in the traditional Dingli 10 miles race. Organised by St. Patrick’s Athletic club, a race well known in the annual calendar for the deceptively mild start downhill that turns into relentless climb uphill to gain the spectacular views from Dingli Cliffs.

The route had been scouted before in training runs but there’s always something special about the race day. Fortunately there was a good number of our ladies in pink taking part, ranging from Christine Attard – a founding member of LRC to Olivia Schembri – one of the latest recruits lending each other support in…well…anything from finding where the start line actually was to calming jittery nerves!

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From the racing-ladies mouths:

I was surprised by the number of ladies turning up – I wasn’t expecting Ramona Engerer and Francesca Arrigo – but it was great to see ‘older’ members taking part. Challenging route of course but the scenery makes up for it. Last couple of miles you just wonder how many hills there can actually be in a relatively limited stretch of land. Sprinting to the finish looked like the finish line was running as well!  – Deborah Gatt


The most beautiful race I have run so far in Malta, no where near as hilly as I had expected/been told but nonetheless I did appreciate the hill session we did with our Coach Cliff Sultana, adorable little scouts were marshalling and some even cheered us on!! And Christine Attard is a superstar! – Catrin Diamantino

Great start to this lovely weekend. But why do the hills get longer and more steep each year?!!! – Christine Attard (please note, says the lady who puts us all to shame with her racing enthusiasm and garnering all the prices in her way!)


I was prepared for worse… the first 6-8k were not bad. The scenery is fantastic but the last mile is a killer!! The medal is original 🙂 – Olivia Schembri

I had a shock in the beginning till I realised the numbers displayed on the roadside where actually miles! There I was happy thinking first 5km done… But saw a smaller number glaring at me! hehe – Sonia Vella Zarb

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I wanted to jump off the cliffs near Bobbyland ;D but really it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Maybe the last two miles were a bit tough but not impossible. It was both challenging and rewarding. Will definitely do it again next year. – Stephanie Camilleri

I love running this race, the scenery is fantastic! Plus it was great seeing so many ladies from the LRC . Plus the scouts along the way were great!! Cheering us on every time -eally sweet! Must have enjoyed this race even more as I didn’t pressure for time and took it as a training run. – Ramona Engerer

I kept expecting deadly hills all the way 🙁 It was quite a tough race and the last 2 miles were never ending – but we DID IT! – Maria Bonnello

So happy and content for our achievement, I thought it was tougher, but training runs with LRC helped a lot, the support and encouragement is amazing  – I never thought I would run so far. Apart from the scenic route and beautiful day, it was well marshalled too! – Mariella Camilleri

Well done everyone until next year Dingli 10!
Ps… An odd observation !?!?! … anyone noticed the state of the roads? Fresh Tarmac for most of the route! 😀

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