Nestle Fitness Dingli 10 miles – 19th March 2015

After having some time to recover from the Malta Marathon, next event looming in the running calendar was Nestle Fitness Dingli 10 mile race organised by St. Patrick’s Athletics. We felt some scouting of the notoriously tough route was in order so we had our weekly long run in Dingli, following part of the route.


Fickle spring weather was promising ten kinds of awful in the preceding days but fortunately the morning of the race dawned bright and sunny for our cheerful group to line up for a pre-race photo and warm-up.

Then it was literally ‘off to the races’ and we started the 10 miles of deep descent and what goes down very blithely, had to come up again – all 174 meters of elevation gain for those interested in actual numbers of the effort…suffice to say the route has earned every moniker attributed to it for being tough and demanding!

But we huffed and puffed and prevailed to gain those amazing views beyond the Dingli cliffs which signalled that the route was nearing the end…just a little bit more… and then the final dash to the finish line!

The smiles while crossing the finish line convey perfectly the joy of having reached the end and that there were no hills left to climb that morning! A special congratulations go to Christine Attard for her First Prize in Age Group and being an amazing inspiration to us all in Ladies Running Club.

All in all it was a terrific morning with excellent organisation by the St. Patrick’s Athletics, the 25th Anniversary medal was a very nice bit of bling and we are definitely returning to challenge those hills again next year!

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