Pinking the road racing season

Ladies have been busy this year despite the odd weather, school exams, rising temperatures and you name it – local road racing events have been splashed, if not outright covered in pink this year.

This has all been brought on by positive enthusiasm, mutual encouragement to have a go and give it a good shoving, and yet another opportunity to get together with team mates and most importantly have fun while running without any pressure imposed.

Month of May started with Mellieha 10k Race where three LRC representatives got themselves a PB each no less!


This was followed by somewhat daunting Mountain Road Running Championship race in Bingemma – which however was not unknown territory after the long runs in the area. Here are some captured moments of a race that will definitely be gathering momentum and participation!

mountain2 mountain3mountain1       Then hot on the heels followed Mosta 10k, where ladies kept on taking time off… of their previous 10k times that is!

mosta2mosta3Mosta Olivia

In words of one of our newest members Donatella Fenech – ”Happy me, 10k PB – I can’t believe I’m doing all this!”

And as summer seems to finally have settled, with warmth at least if not uninterrupted sunny skies – ladies made the last push to race in Qormi before settling into summer season of long runs, finishing with a cooling dip in the sea.

Qormi 1mosta4mosta5

Fears of running in hot weather and more hills conquered, it was easy to smile with a shiny bit of bling to show for it.

It’s fairly safe to say 99% of the members in these pics have joined LRC with firm idea they will never take part in an actual race, but will just toddle along for the sake of personal health and fitness. It must be added that no members were forced in the process – all the beaming smiles of accomplishment and personal achievement are models’ own.

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