Ta Qali 10K – MAAA Road Running League Race

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On a very cold, rainy and windy morning our ladies turned up raring to go! In fact a proper 6K warm-up was done before the actual race…

2015-01-25 18.52.08tq10k12015-01-25 19.09.492015-01-25 19.02.06                        Our members living up to the club motto ”Run for Fun”


2015-01-25 19.03.242015-01-25 18.59.412015-01-25 11.14.282015-01-25 18.56.462015-01-25 18.53.452015-01-25 19.13.35

And top Marks for the boys who came for a spin despite the dismal weather early on.

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