A MIND set on running

Running is a great sport. Running with friends is a blessing. Running with friends for charity is amazing!

I started running with the Ladies Running Club in 2012 thanks to Becky. I had been going to the gym nonstop for over 15 years and had been running solo for a few weeks. The first 8k run with Becky was probably one of my hardest runs ever, but the run that probably changed it all for me. I have not looked back since.

Gradually the kilometres increased as did my enthusiasm.

When my friend Roberta in the UK mentioned that she was running for MIND I decided that I could join her and run for MIND too. That led to The Royal Parks Half Marathon in London in October 2013. And what a race that was!

The elation after the RPHM was such that running the same half marathon the following year was for granted. In 2014 I ran in London for Cystic Fibrosis with great running buddies after yet another summer of early morning runs in the heat.

Running for charity involves fundraising in order to get a place on the day. So this is a win-win situation! You train, you enjoy yourself, and work towards a good cause.

I encourage ladies out there to run, to run with friends, to run locally and abroad and run for a charity too.

Thank you Ladies Running Club for all of this!!

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