Test Your Run

Cutting-edge foot-scanning technology developed to improve the services within sports outlets is now available at Eurosport.

The human foot is one of the most complex body parts, and the right shoe is essential for any athlete to carry out their physical activity as safely as possible.

Each and every person has their own specific way of carrying their bodies, and this posture needs to be supported by the right footwear to prevent adding strain or pressure on the foot. The scanning platform Sincro-Scan, will record the areas where customers’ feet are exerting pressure, both while standing and while in motion. Then Sincro-Run records their running movement while wearing different shoes, showing the difference between one shoe brand and another. This will give customers the luxury of picking the right footwear based on an accurate assessment.

The foot scanner is now available at Eurosport’s main outlet in Psaila street, Birkirkara. The analysis session costs 20€ but if running shoes are purchased as a result of the session, the fee will be deducted from the purchase price of the chosen running shoes. For session please visit Eurosport Psaila Street, Birkirkara outlet. Afternoons between 2-5pm are more likely to be quiet with less of a queue.



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